Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I had a crazy dream last night. Things that happened:

- I was late
- I was driving, and at an intersection, a car coming from the right had cheesy spinner rims.
- The car passed me, and I noticed it also had the new exhaust pipe bling.
- I stopped by Blockbuster for some reason, and I went to the cash register to pay for a rental, but I didn't rent anything. I paid for the rental though, and I guess it was assumed that I would pick out something. But all Blockbuster had was vinyl records. So then I went back to the register and got my money back.
- That same bling car was speeding behind me, then put on the brakes and turned just before it hit me.
- When I got to my destination, there was some strange scene that included a person with pig features, wearing a shirt saying "Sperm Donor."
- The pig-man had a name of "Lefty" and he was holding a knife in each hand that seemed to be permanently attached.

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