Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Real Secret
to Winning Consistently

The real secret to winning consistently.
Ok, you've studied, paid your dues and learned your favorite game up, down and sideways. Does this mean you're always going to win? Nope not at all. While luck in any form of gambling is critical to winning, there is one other aspect that is even more critical. Now bear with me here, because you've heard this before. But this time I'm going to tell you how to make it work for you every time you play.

Here it is…
It's your state of mind and mindset at the time you are playing. Think back to things you have done in the past. It might be a gambling example or possibly even an athletic memory. Mindset in athletics is virtually the same as mindset in gambling. If you approach either event with even a hint of doubt you are almost doomed to failure. Sure on occasion luck might be on your side, and you win in spite of the doubts.

But most often,when you doubt yourself, losing is almost a foregone conclusion. When you enter an event confident, without a single doubt about winning you become a very dangerous opponent. You act positively, with little or no hesitation and doubt. At these times it seems like you can just do no wrong. It becomes instinctive, you just know what you have to do and do it. I'm willing to bet you can jog your memory and relate to this. Those times when you met and overcame a challenge, and just knew the whole time it was happening that you were going to!

I'm equally sure you can think back to times when you did something but weren't quite sure you could measure up to the challenge, and didn't. Your mental outlook at the start of any endeavor has more to do with the outcome than any other single factor. And it doesn't matter whether it's Gambling, Athletics, and even Business. Of course luck will always be a factor, but with a strong positive mental outlook luck becomes less and less important. You don't need luck. You become "razor" sharp and cut through obstacles and challenges as if they didn't exist. People entering a Casino with the attitude "well all I can lose is what I've brought" will almost certainly be going home broke.

Just as someone who sits at a poker table will leave broke with a similar attitude. Now this magic elixir of confidence that helps people attain great things can be called up whenever you are ready. The one thing that forces that mental outlook more than anything is preparation. That's why someone with years of experience, in anything really, can carry themselves with that air of superiority. They're not traveling down unknown roads. They've been down the path before and know what to expect, and how to react.

So is it possible for someone lacking that depth of experience to be able to play with the same attitude? Yes it is. All it takes is some preparation. The preparation won't guarantee you will win. But it will greatly increase the odds that you will. Here's how to call up that confidence any time you want it. Pay attention now. Before you enter any event, plan and study. I don't care how long you've been playing or what level of real experience you have.

Before you begin, sit and contemplate your strategy. In the case of gambling, think of your strategy and read some trusted material to remind yourself of certain actions. Read it even if you could recite it from memory! Read old or new material from a good source, but whatever you do get yourself mentally into the game before you play. I positively guarantee doing this will improve your level of play. There's no way it cannot! This 10 minutes of mental preparation will make a world of difference in your play. As time goes on and you gain more and more real experience you'll feel you need to do this less and less.

Don't let that temptation alter your actions. Continue to do what works and you'll continue to play "razor" sharp at any level you attain. Oh and one more thing. When you play with this attitude luck is much less of a factor. But for those times when luck does happen to smile down at you, the keys to the castle will be yours!
Good luck and keep me posted on how you do!

Remember- Take some home!

Before I close let me say, I know some of you more experienced players will read this, smile, and think you don't need to do this. That's probably a good thing. It will give some young "upstart" a chance to play on more equal terms with you. Remember, there is a BIG difference between having many years' experience, and just one year…repeated over and over.

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