Thursday, February 01, 2007

I think the Globe hit the nail on the head today with the article about the generation gap in reactions:

We will never be totally safe, and being afraid does not make us any safer. One can be vigilant without being scared. The authorities and the media tried to instill fear into the city yesterday. Over nothing. If someone wants to blow something up, they will. This was not such a case. My comments here probably will not change anyone's mind about this incident, but I AM trying to remove some of the stink of fear that permeates America right now. If you have fear, you do not make intelligent decisions.

The city officials and investigators in charge should take the full brunt of the blame for creating the panic. They dropped the ball big time, and are now looking for scapegoats to draw attention away from their mishandling of Mooninite-Gate. Strike one: These were put up weeks ago. Strike two: These were put up in about nine other major cities. Strike three: Once they got ahold of one, they didn't/couldn't recognize that it had no explosive capability.

I have a WHAT IF of my own:
This wouldn't even be an issue IF the authorities weren't involved.

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