Thursday, April 05, 2007

Email from the office manager on Friday:

Many of you have noted that the accuracy of the daily calendar could stand improvement. I have given this considerable thought and have come up with two things which will hopefully make morning calendar more accurate.
  • The first is to deal with the problem of the calendar at the reception desk being covered with scrawl of varying degrees of legibility within days of being posted. In order to keep recent updates clear I will have a sheet of lined paper over the calendar Where you can write changes. I would still, of course prefer them to be emailed.
  • The second is to address the often confusing issue of whether someone who is not here and has left no message for anyone is late/out sick/ working from home/visiting a customer/ etc. It is proving not always feasible to get this information by 10AM by asking around. SO - at 10AM (half an hour after we are all either supposed to be here or have called in) I will walk around the office taking note of whether it looks like you are here today. If your office is locked and dark and I do not have a note on the calendar, on the update sheet, in my email or voice mail about why you are not here, then your name will appear on the calendar sheet in a new column called WU10 (whereabouts unknown at 10AM). If you want to talk to someone urgently and have seen that they are WU10 - it means that I don't know where they are either and when/if they are coming in. Yes, I'm hoping that pressure from annoyed peers will soon make it possible to retire that column
  • REMINDER: If you normally work from home on a certain day it is YOUR responsibility to tell me if you are going to be coming in to the office on that day after all. If you don't I will likely mark you as working form home unless I happen to see you on the 10AM walk around.
The proudest moment at my job happened today, as I am the first employee to achieve WU10 status.

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