Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pizza Bartman

Decent article, but the end of it really got my goat:
Friend Aaron True called the whole thing, “Pizza Bartman,” a reference to the Chicago Cubs fan who cost the team Game 6 of the NL Championship Series in 2003 by trying to catch a foul ball.
Listen! That play did NOT cost the Cubs the game!
Alex Gonzalez made an error and Prior threw a wild pitch, etc. John Tomase, just say that it was a reference to a similar play that happened at Wrigley Field during the playoffs and leave it at that. Enough with the rivisionist history! I just hate these sports writers that sensationalize everything and end up effectively changing history itself by repeatedly making inaccurate statements.

Oh yeah, while we're at it: Drew Bledsoe did NOT dive into a "mosh pit." There are no mosh pits at Everclear concerts, idiots.

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